How to Report a HOA Violation

HOA Covenant Enforcement in Pensacola FL

It is important for homeowner’s to abide by the declaration of conditions, covenants, and restrictions in their community to maintain the integrity of their neighborhood. It is our job to enforce the covenants in each community to be sure this goal is met. Many homeowner’s are not aware of the covenants in their community upon moving into the community. The best way to become familiar with the rules of your home or condo association is to read the governing documents. Not sure where to find your governing documents? Simply select your HOA from our managed community association list.


Common violations include overgrown or untended lawns, parking on the street or grass, boat or trailer violations, and trash can violations, to name a few. These violations can cause a nuisance issue for your neighbors and can impede with maintaining the aesthetics of your community. Regardless of whether you agree with each of the rules and regulations in your HOA, you should be mindful to abide by them or you could face a fine or legal action. Luckily, most of these HOA rules are easy to follow once you become aware.

In addition to completing routine inspections in the neighborhood, we do accept reports, both public and anonymous, from community members to further research. If you reside in one of our communities and want to report a covenant violation, you can utilize our web form to Report a CCR Violation.  You can even upload photos of the violation. is a professional property management company in Pensacola, FL specializing in residential, multi-family real estate asset management. We also offer Community and Homeowner Association Management services for Condominiums, Residential Communities and Commercial-Retail Centers.

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