HOAs in Pensacola, Florida (Part 1)

Homeowners Association Concept

If you are interested in becoming a homeowner in the Pensacola, Florida area, it is important to know which homeowners communities are suitable for your needs. Not only do you need to know if the neighborhood you are interested in moving to is safe and livable, but you also must consider the cost. Homeowners Associations are established to give buyers reassurance of their investments. Reputable and dependable, HOAs can direct you to a home you can afford and can feel comfortable living in. Here are some of the HOAs you might want to consider, if you’re interested in looking for one.

Pensacola HOAs

1) Cordova Place

The Cordova Place Homeowners Association of Pensacola is located on Arriviste Way. The annual assessment history of this HOA amounts to an average of around $320 per year. The assessment of Cordova Place’s rate in 2020 is $360. This HOA will offer common area fencing, contracts for landscaping and maintenance, and an irrigation system.

The number of units available in the Cordova Place neighborhood is 75. This HOA was established in 1991 and they specialize in selling detached homes. The Cordova Place HOA holds their annual meeting in January and their frequency of board meetings are on an as-needed basis. Dave Clark is the President of the Cordova Place HOA. Homes like this one on Arriviste Way could be yours to own. Sitting on 0.28 acres of land, this four-bedroom, three-bathroom home has a backyard swimming pool, a kitchen that connects to the family room, and a large foyer.

2) Fairway Village

If you are looking for something affordable that won’t break your monthly budget, Fairway Village may be one of the Pensacola HOAs you want to discuss business with. The Fairway Village Of Pensacola Homeowners Association was established on November 13, 1984, and has served the Pensacola community very well with reasonable prices on homes. The annual assessment history of this HOA is amazing, reporting costs of $85 each month. This has been a consistent figure since 2016.

A special assessment in 2017 included $2400 in improvements to the neighborhood. 56 units are available for purchase in Fairway Village, and board meeting frequency is monthly. These units are townhouses. Brenda James is the President, Marilyn Pryor is the Vice President, and Derek Nienaber is the Treasurer and Secretary. Fairway Village Of Pensacola Homeowners Association will provide many accommodations. These include common area fencing, pet stations, trash service, and a USPS Cluster Box for the mail.

3) Audrey Plantation

Aerial of HOAEstablished on August 30, 2006, Audrey Plantation Homeowners Association, Inc. There are three principals managing this company. Matt Engel is the President, Stacey Ramos is the Vice President, and Michelle Depapola is the Secretary. This Pensacola HOA normally submits its annual reports around January 19 each year, though they submitted one report on April 13, 2017. The myHomeSpot.com team is who assists this HOA. Located on 4400 Bayou Blvd Ste 35, you can contact this company via phone at 850-484-2684.

Specializing in selling detached homes as their property type, Audrey Plantation can offer you beautiful homes such as this four-bedroom, three-bathroom home that features a formal dining room and a connecting office and study room. This home also has a pleasant gourmet kitchen and breakfast bar.

4) Mariners Oaks

Established in 2003, the Mariners Oaks Estates Homeowners Association offers detached homes as their main property type. The annual assessment history of this HOA is very good, amounting to $250 each year. Their assessment rate in 2020 was also $250. Mariners Oaks currently offers 61 available units. Greg Graves is the President, Will Whitbeck is the Vice President, and Rhonda King is the Treasurer. There are eight principals on record for this company. Included are Ursula Brazier, Frank Darnes, Loria Outlaw, and Paul Wallis. This HOA generates an annual revenue of $91,000. Some of the features provided by this Pensacola HOA include an irrigation system for both private and public use, and traffic islands designed to prevent traffic from filling up the neighborhood.

5) Crystal Creek

The Crystal Creek Homeowner’s Association opened for business on January 30, 2007, and has remained a stable company for discussing the purchase of homes with. The annual assessment history of this HOA is solid, staying at the amount of $200 each year with exception of 2018, which amounted to $175. Ron Henderson is the President, Thomas Rogers is the Vice President, and Jane Philips is the Secretary. This HOA also holds annual meetings in June and has a meeting frequency on an as-needed basis.

Crystal Creek offers has 250 units available in their neighborhood. Specializing in selling detached homes as their property type, this HOA provides many accommodations. For example, they have a public retention pond, common area fencing, and traffic islands. It is possible to have a home like this one in Crystal Creek. A three-bedroom, two bathroom home that has a split bedroom floor plan, you would be making an estimated monthly payment of $779 on this home.

6) Creekwood

The Creekwood Homeowner’s Association was established on March 19, 2001, and it offers very reasonable renting and purchasing prices for homes. Mike McVicker is the President, Reggie Simmons is the Vice President, Terry Ausborn is the Treasurer, and Patrick Nichols is the Secretary. From 2013 to 2015 this HOA’s annual assessment rate was $238. In 2016 and 2017 it was $305, and from 2018 to 2020 it has been $400. A total of 87 units are available in the Creekwood neighborhood. Additionally, you should expect to see mainly detached homes be on the market in this neighborhood.

If you want to live in Pensacola HOAs, Creekwood is a great option. You can have an appealing house like this cozy brick house on Rushing Creek Road. Sitting on 1.03 acres of land, this house has a backyard patio floor made out of brick, an area for gardening, and a very spacious kitchen. In conclusion, there are many great options in the Creekwood HOA.

Looking for Pensacola HOAs?

Pensacola has many neighborhoods filled with beautiful houses that are visually stunning. Additionally, these neighborhoods get proper maintenance and care with the landscaping. These homes remain appealing in part because of the care taken by homeowners associations. These HOA communities are in place to ensure that you get to live in a home that is both convenient and safe. All of the little things done by a Pensacola HOAs such as installing lighted parking, installing cluster mailboxes, and offering trash and landscaping services add up to a relaxing experience that will be worth your investment.

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