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One of the primary purposes of a Homeowner’s Association is to establish a minimum standard of construction and the overall design of homes within the community in an effort to create a harmonious appearance. Strict adherence to to the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions and any Architectural Guidelines can assure every homeowner that their quiet enjoyment and property value will be protected. The ACB is an acronym for Architectural Control Board or Architectural Control Committee – the volunteers who review and decide every new home to be constructed or how an existing property can be modified.

You will often need a scale drawing showing your boundary line, all structure locations along with specifications and samples of materials.

Architectural meetings must be publicly held so that all members may attend.  This requires advance notice and a date/time for all committee members to attend.  Then meeting minutes are prepared along with decision letters.  You can visit your association page for the meeting calendar.

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