Our Rental Management Services

Tenant Placement

We advertise, take all the calls, do the showings, screen the applicant and prepare the Lease. You pay us only when the tenant has paid you.

Tenant Management

We collect the rent, enforce the lease,perform routine inspections and more.

Tenant Evictions

If you made a mistake renting your property to an unqualified person - let us help you.

Property Maintenance

We have skilled maintenance staff and a vendor network to handle all aspects of your property rehab and repairs.

Simple Pricing. No Hidden Costs.

No money upfront.  Pay only when the job is done.  Guaranteed Results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What are your prices?

We know that good management will make you more money, so the management fee is really free when you apply the increased revenue and lower expenses.  However, we know that price matters – so we will match and beat any competitors offer – without compromising the service.

Are there any advanced costs?

We never charge any up-front fees.  You will be the first to get paid, then you can pay us.  We will ask that you pay for any repairs or cleaning needed to get your home ready to rent.  

Pay For Results - Guarantee

Pay us only after you get results. You don’t pay us a dime until your property is rented.

Lowest Price Guarantee

If you can find a lower fee to manage your property in writing we will match it.*

Fast Leasing Guarantee

We’ll rent your home in 2 weeks or less… or you’ll get a month of management free!

Property Management Professionals - Not Agents on Commission

Unlike other companies – our managers are full-time employees and not agents on commission. 

You would be surprised just how much money you will save by hiring a professional property manager.  Most clients actually realize a savings in the first year that makes our service free.

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Customer Reviews

Thanks for the well documented property inspection. The wife and I feel much better after seeing the many photos of each room and the outside. We left our property in great condition and it looks we will get it back the same way.
Adam Sendler
We made the decision to sell our home after 4 years of renting it out. The property was kept rented, in good condition and very few issues. If they said they would handle it - they did.
Erin Buffington
Just finished a 12-yr, 2 property, relationship as a landlord. I wish I could take this team with me to manage other rental properties not in the area. We had good tenants and bad tenants but myHomeSpot was always a great. What I valued most was their responsiveness, great communication, and great accounting practices.
Anthony Cannone

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