5 Red Flags of a Bad Tenant

landlord giving the keys to his tenant

As a landlord, you wish all tenants were compliant and easy to live with. Life will not always give you what you want. So, every once in a while, you will get the chaotic tenant who is difficult. You may not be able to avoid them altogether, but you can reduce the chances of getting a bad tenant. Or, you could consult a property management agency to make things easier. Below are five red flags to look out for.

Slow to commit to the screening process

Every landlord has a method by which they investigate their prospects. Whether you do a simple web search or engage a professional service, you will need the prospect to submit the necessary documents. Some tenants will take their time with this. It is strange behavior because it is in their best interest that the process is smooth and quick. You would also expect them to already have the documents at hand. If someone is slowing down the screening process, there is probably something to hide.

Financially unreliable

A person’s credit score is an indication of their creditworthiness. The higher it is, the better. If it is closer to 300, allowing them to occupy your property is very risky. But, do not be quick to judge. Find out why their credit score is so low. They may have a low credit score but be very reliable with the monthly payments.

Tainted history

If the tenant is avoiding the screening process, then it could be because they do not want you to find out about their previous evictions. One eviction is explainable; however, anything more than that raises questions about the kind of tenant this person will be. You can also contact the referees and previous landlords. This is one sure way to avoid trouble.

Questionable source of income

There are so many nontraditional ways to earn a living now. It is, therefore, a lot harder to spot a questionable career. A person can simply say they work online, and you would not doubt it. It is within your rights as a landlord to probe more. Push for more information than just a shallow answer. For example, if they say they work online, find out what this person does online, then do some research. You are not nosy; you are diligent. You do not want to engage with someone whose income may not be stable or, worse, a criminal.

They give off a bad vibe

All human beings have that sixth sense that sounds off an alarm when they meet a person who may be dangerous. If your gut tells you that something about this person is not right, then, by all means, deny them admission or do more due diligence. Getting a bad vibe is not judgmental or snobbish; it could be a genuine warning to be careful.

Be careful!

No one can make the perfect tenant, but some are a lot worse than others. Be careful about who you let into your building. Do not be swayed by tenants who are quick to pay several months of rent upfront. Always do your due diligence, no matter what. At myHomeSpot.com, you will find more tips on how to spot a problematic tenant.


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