How to become an Approved Vendor

We are always looking for qualified vendors, but before we approve you – we must make sure that you are properly licensed, insured and have a proven track record.

Approved vendors will be listed by type of goods and services, offered areas of expertise and geographic areas served. Our clients will be able to use the directory knowing that the vendors listed have been pre-screened and meet approved criteria.

In order to be designated as an Approved Vendor, each vendor completes an on-line application through our website. Each application will be independently reviewed to verify that the vendor is in good standing with its creditors, has appropriate licenses, maintains valid general liability and worker’s compensation insurance and has a history of satisfying customers. This is the basic level of registration for a vendor and there is no cost to the vendor for this listing. We will complete these searches annually to ensure that our vendors remain in good standing.

This is just one more example of how works behind the scenes to ensure the best services possible are provided to our customers.

Submit Your Vendor Application Online

Getting Paid On-Time

Getting paid is easy if you are an approved vendor with your license, insurance and IRS form W9 on file.  If you are not an Approved Vendor – please make your application now.

You can submit your invoices in several ways:

Mail: 225 N Pace Blvd, Pensacola, FL 32505

All vendors are subject to Net 15  day terms from the time in which all compliance documents are received.  Each invoice is scanned into our accounting system, coded to the General Ledger and then must go through a Invoice Review and Approval process before the payment is mailed.  We do not have check stock in our office and each payment is mailed from the banking institution once it is reviewed and approved.  

What is Expected on the Invoice?

Please submit invoices quickly after a job is complete. This helps us to keep track of job statuses and to relay the status to owners and residents. The sooner you invoice after completion of a job, the better!

  • Proper Estimates & Invoicing
  • Please be sure to include the following on your invoice.
  • Itemized and detailed list of charges
  • Full and correct and complete property address
  • Invoice number
  • Make and model number of items serviced
  • Date of completion on invoice

Who is responsible for Permits?

If a job you are completing requires a permit, you, as the contractor, need to pull the permit for the property owner. Any costs for this should be outlined in your estimate in advance. We are happy to make appointments with the occupants to close out permit inspections. Ultimately, if permits are required and you do not pull them, you, as the contractor, will be held liable by the local permit office. Please be sure to add the cost of permitting in your estimates.

What do you require from cleaning vendors?

Cleaning companies must provide the same documentation that other vendors and contractors need to provide in order to become a vendor.

Please be aware that our cleaning guidelines do require these items be done for the tenant’s move in and that likely the cleaning companies are the last companies in the home. We do ask for cleaning vendors to do minor maintenance such as replacing burnt out light bulbs, replacing drip pans, and installing new A/C filters when needed.

We also rely on our cleaning companies to notify us if there are outstanding maintenance needs in the property, as typically our cleaning crews are the last in the home before the new occupants move in.

Workers Compensation or Workers Compensation Exemption

We require all vendors to carry current Workman’s Compensation if they have employees.

We require the vendor notify their Workman’s Compensation Company and request them to furnish us with an original endorsement of the policy.  We require notification of any insurance changes.  You will submit this endorsement to

If at any time, worker’s compensation expires, we will no longer be able to cut a check for payment for the job as our system will not allow it.

In certain cases, we will allow contractors to proclaim that they are exempt. In this instance, they must provide a copy of the state issued Workers Compensation Exempt Card in
addition to the signed Vendor Liability Statement.

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