Our Incredibly Hard Working Staff Members

Talented, Dedicated, Smart and Experienced

Glenn Dorsey

CEO - Managing Broker

(850) 304-2605

Rachael Ward

Director of Operations

(850) 304-2606

Brad Hill

Senior Accountant

Rosie Meyers

HOA Assistant

Angie Williams

Rental Manager

(850) 453-2604

AJ Ward

Facility Maintenance Director

(850) 304-0203 Email

Christopher Storey

HOA Accountant

(850) 304-2603

Matt Harrison

Compliance Inspector

(850) 453-5555

Christy Harris

Closing Coodinator

Melissa Bruggeman

HOA Assistant

FL Licenses

CAB3521 CAM Firm CAM3112 Glenn Dorsey CQ1018702 Real Estate Brokerage BK62317 Glenn Dorsey SL3330154 Rachael Ward SL3346211 AJ Ward SL3346211 Angie Williams CPO Glenn Dorsey CPO AJ Ward G16000097440 myHomespot.com P04000024167 Glenn Dorsey Inc


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Fri: 8am - Noon

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4505 Woodbine Rd, Milton, FL 32571    (850) 453-5555
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