REALTORS ARE THE MOST TRUSTED SOURCE FOR REAL ESTATE ADVICE AND BUSINESS BUILDING.’s professional property management services will keep your reputation for excellence. Many real estate agents choose to refer their clients to our company as they do not want to risk their reputation should their real estate company not meet the client’s expectation. We provide the financial rewards sought after by Realtors without the risk.

Realtor Referrals for Property Management Services

We Pay Referral Fees.

When you refer us an Owner or a Tenant we will pay you a generous referral fee. We have paid thousands of dollars in referral fees to area agents. Because these managers do not list and sell homes, local brokers have found us a reliable ally in their efforts to service their customers. Real estate agents have found they can refer us their clients and know that when the client is done with renting, they will get the listing back or the tenant to make a purchase, and we will put that in writing.

Will You Help Our Tenants Buy a Home or Landlords Sell One? is dedicated to protecting those Realtors who send us clients. However, we are looking for the best agents to help our renters become buyers and our landlords into sellers. Contact us to become an approved provider for opportunities with clients that were not sent to us by another Realtor.

We Can Manage Your Rental Inventory.

Many real estate broker/owners manage rentals because they feel they must in order to provide full service to their customers. Now you don’t. We will take over your inventory of rentals, pay you a recurring fee, give your customers great service, and you get the property back when the owner is ready to sell. We have done this for others and it works great.

We Buy Management Accounts.

Want to get out of property management all together? We can purchase your real estate company’s portfolio or merge your accounts into our organization for you to manage. We have the forms, plan and financial resources to make the transition effortless.

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