operates a professional facility maintenance department using internal and external contractors.

Our external contractors are categorized in (2) service levels; Authorized Service Providers (ASP) and Preferred Service Providers (PSP). Authorized Service Providers have been pre-screened for any required license, insurance and other basic requirements, these vendors are not delivering any added benefits/discounts to our clients. Preferred Providers are vendors that have been pre-screened with our ASP service requirements and have developed a strong working relationship with Although there are fees associated with being a PSP, the volume of business we bring to our PSP’s allows them to offer discounts over what they would offer the general public.

Apply to Become a Vendor continues to develop Preferred Service Provider relationships with Plumbers, Electricians, Roofers, Carpet Cleaners, etc to bring you the highest level of service at the most affordable cost. Below is an example of services we perform:

• Rekeying/Lock Changes
• Debris Removal
• Board-ups and securing
• Landscape Services
• Winterization
• Pools, Initial clean-up/draining, caging
• Interior janitorial cleaning
• Eviction/move-out services
• Carpet cleaning, removal, installation
• Interior painting
• Electrical repair/replacement
• Hardwood floor refinishing/replacement
• Appliance repair/replacement
• Exterior carpentry and painting
• Roof repair/replacement
• Vinyl removal and installation
• Drywall repair/replacement
• Door/window repair/replacement
• Decking/concrete repair/replacement
• Cabinet repair/replacement
• Plumbing fixture repair/replacement






                                                                IN-HOUSE MAINTENANCE PERSONNEL

In addition to being less expensive than other service contractors, our experienced and uniformed maintenance personnel can respond to maintenance requests quickly. Our maintenance policy is to respond to a resident request in less than 48 hours (unless it is an emergency) or the resident is called to explain the delay. Additionally, our maintenance personnel also provide an extra set of eyes when visiting a property. This program has been invaluable in alerting us to potential problems that an outside contractor would not be looking for. This service also assures us that the person going into the property does not have a criminal background and is fully insured, thus providing protection for you and your resident. Best of all you will realize a huge savings when using our in-house maintenance personnel.


AUTHORIZED SERVICE PROVIDER has developed a unique Approved Vendor Program. The program is designed to help protect the interests of our clients while promoting the business interests of reputable vendors whom we use to serve our clients.

Vendors participating in this program will be listed on the Approved Vendor Directory. Approved vendors will be listed by type of goods and services, offered areas of expertise and geographic areas served. clients will be able to use the directory knowing that the vendors listed have been pre-screened and meet approved criteria.

In order to be designated as an Approved Vendor, each vendor completes an on-line application through our website. Each application will be independently reviewed to verify that the vendor is in good standing with its creditors, has appropriate licenses, maintains valid general liability and worker’s compensation insurance and has a history of satisfying customers. This is the basic level of registration for a vendor and there is no cost to the vendor for this listing. We will complete these searches annually to ensure that our vendors remain in good standing.

This is just one more example of how works behind the scenes to ensure the best services possible are provided to our customers.

PREFERRED SERVICE PROVIDERS is always looking for Preferred Service Providers. These are vendors who have qualified for our Authorized Service Provider relationship but have agreed to offer our clients exceptional discounts, longer warranty protection periods and faster order processing than the typical vendor. As a result of this Preferred Relationship our firm will promote the Preferred Provider with added advertising and direct marketing support. We encourage you to contact our Preferred Service Providers to take advantage of these added savings. Participation in our Preferred Service Provider program is limited and subject to a registration and recurring promotional fees.


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