Managing your community takes an entire team and not just a manager. Our competitors continue to use an old business model of relying on a single manager to do everything. The fact is that no single person will be as reliable and efficient compared to a team. can scale an entire management team to your budget and requirements.

The Accountant is committed to the financial strength and stability of every community we manage. You will be assigned a formally educated and experienced accountant who understands GAAP. We provide expert financial management that is focused on building long-term value, along with unmatched purchasing power. It’s all designed to provide your HOA with significant savings, compliance and ease of use from our online portals. Your members will have real-time access to their account history, online payments, and designated financial reports. The board can access over 100 financial reports and another 150 community reports from architectural, compliance, resident directory and more.

The Site Inspector

Our site inspector can visit your community as often as you desire to assure your community continues to look its best and is kept in good repair. Additionally, the inspector can perform photographed covenant compliance inspections by your request to look for properties that may need some encouragement to keep with the community standards. also has an online compliance reporting tool that allows residents to make anonymous reports we offer a series of progressive letters that provide friendly notification and that can escalate to legal action at the discretion of the Board. The inspection service is optional and very affordable.

The Maintenance Coordinator is committed to the proper care and maintenance of your community with 24/7 service. You will be assigned an experienced maintenance coordinator who can help you identify project specifications, write requests for proposals, screen vendors, schedule and coordinate employees and vendors, monitor project performance and budget, create community calendar reminders for preventative maintenance and more! Using our vendor network you will have purchasing power to give your community reliable and affordable service.

The Conceirge

Our residents are very important to our success, so offer a full time conceirge to assist them with any concern they may have. We will answer calls from Realtors, prospective buyers and closing agents, welcome new homeowners, can refer vendors, assist in online account access, update contact information, create newseletters and mailings, and so much more. They manage gate codes, pool keys and amenity access. They can help plan special events such as community yard sales, holiday decorating and more. The Conceirge is known for their constant willingness to help with a smile and friendly spirit.

The Community Manager

Our community managers are professionally licensed, formally educated, and have proven experience by holding some of the highest and esteemed designations in the industry. Each year, we require them to continue their education and we provide them substantial legal training to keep them constantly informed. Your manager is the liason between the community leadership and our management team. They review financials, prepare budgets, create agendas and meeting minutes, attend meetings, create formal member communications, assist in legal compliance, implement board policy and handle the daily operation of your community. The manager is your advice and counsel to creating a first class community.

The Registered Agent and Custodian of Offical Records

The Registered Agent is required in each state and is responsible for all legal service. In many associations documents such as liens, satisfactions, notice of foreclosure, Lis Pendens, Bankruptcy and other actions all require special handling. can serve as your registered agent and also as the tax authority contact. Each state is very specific as to the required records to be kept, duration and manner. In fact, there are often substantial civil penalties or misdemeanor crimes imposed for failing to comply with the requirements. has an Official Records Officer who will prepare and maintain custody of these records during our management period. These records are scanned electronically and archived on a secure website for inspection as required.

The General Manager

The General Manager is constantly creating better strategies for efficiency, developing community policies, guiding the management team, teaching at community leadership development events and new board member orientations. The GM reviews insurance policies, keeps state required filings current, assists in annual membership meetings, audits financials, handles mediation and litigation events.

The Webmaster

Our webmaster will create and maintain your community website. This website will be optimized for search engine recognition and contain a public view and a member only access. This site is easy to use complete with live chat with the Conceirge. It contains a multitude of forms as well as their entire account file in real-time so members can easily help themselves 24/7.